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Welcome New Puppy Owners

Getting a new puppy is a very exciting time! We want your puppy to get the best start to life. Your puppies first 16 weeks are the most important where training and socialising them in how to play with other dogs and to listen to their owners.  

Our Puppy training


We start our puppies with basic commands;

Sit & Sit step away

Walking nicely 

Manners like not jumping up uninvited, not running in and out of the house and holding mat commands. 

Help to stop any unwanted puppy behaviours


Teaching your puppy  how to play with other puppies, older dogs and other animals.

How to play and be around children, adults and older adults. 

All of these experiences can be done in our social time before or after your class.

Book your puppy in for Beyond Puppy Play, Train & Class