Obedience Training

Our Training Method

At Beyond Obedience, we believe that your time spent with your dog should be an enjoyable and memorable one. We can give you the tools to achieve this. Our training methods are based on leadership, trust and consistency. When properly applied they will give you amazing results. Our training techniques are tried and proven.

We use positive reinforcement through voice control and deliver the commands in a manner that is most easily recognised by your dog. The tone in which you speak to your dog by using simple commands, will give you excellent results. 

First stage of training we utilise a halter on a loose lead. This piece of equipment allows you to have control of your dog whilst you develop leadership, trust as well as being consistent with all your commands and actions. This is the quickest tool to help you achieve an off lead dog. 

On the halter with a loose lead you will learn; 

> Sit and Sit step away 

> Stand and Stand step away 

> Drop and Drop step away 

> Recall to name 

> Heel and recall to heel 

> Boundaries 

> Socialisation 

Once this is achieved and your dog is obeying your first command, under high distraction of toys being played with around your dog, other dogs walking past your dog at varying distances or trainer coming up to your dog, with a toy or pat your dog and then walking away. 

When you and your dog can work under, all of these distractions and your dog is listening to all the commands, on the first command you could be passed up into the second more advanced stage of training, on collar and lead then working to off-lead. 

At this stage you will already have achieved a language between you and your dog working on a loose lead which will give you the tools to make this transition to collar easier than you anticipated and working towards achieving that off lead dog. 

We look forward to working with you and your dog at Beyond Obedience!

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