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Kick start

Would you like your dog to be well behaved in your home?

Would you like to be able to enjoy spending more time with your dog?

Would you enjoy being able to take them out and about with you? 

Are you unable to make weekly classes? 

Would you like to give your dog a kick start with their training?

Beyond Obedience Kick Start is the program for you!!

The Beyond Obedience Kick Start Program, is where we bring your dog in and kick start their training. We will train them to the tailored package you have chosen. Your dog will get the skills they need in a short amount of time. When they come home to you, one of our trainers will teach you the skills you need to continue their training. Follow up training session will be avaliable for you if required or join us at one of our special events that we will run to polish up your skills.

Kick start Basic 

10 Days 

  • Basic obedience to an on-lead standard 
    • Sit 
    • Drop 
    • Free walking
    • Heeling
    • Recall
    • Boundaries - Your dog not running through the back door, the not running through the house.
    • Jumping up on you or your guest.

Your dog will start to hold these commands under the distractions of toys, other dogs and people. 

Kick Start - Advanced - 18 Days

  • All of the above basic skills
  • Off - lead skills
    • Sit 
    • Drop 
    • Recall
    • Boundaries

Off lead skills are started with our trainers. Your dog will come home a basic understanding of the off lead skills. You will be given the tools by our trainer to be able to continue to shape and develop your dogs off lead skills.


Can be worked on with results, please contact us for more information - 0422 072 838

Kick Start just like Boarding school for you dog! For all your Dog training needs!

At Beyond Kick start we are able tailor a training package to suit what you need or would like. Our dedicated trainers will be able to help you decide on what training will best suit you.  

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